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Camp Lor-Ray
Register now for Camp Lor-Ray!  We’re gearing up for another exciting summer and a lot of new things are happening!   Dates, rates, and registration information is available on our website. The new cabin in Kids Camp is completed and will be used this season (it was started in 2010).  The “nurses cabin” has had a good make over and is ready for rentals as well (sleeps 8).  Any of the cabins in Kids camp can be rented for recreational use by individuals or large family gatherings as well.  While still searching for additional funding we hope to complete the new bath house in the Family Camp later this Fall.
Teen Retreat (9th-College Freshmen)
June 28-July 1  
Pre-K and 1st-3rd Grade  
July 6-July 8
4th-6th Grade  
July 10-July 15  
7th-9th Grade  
July 17-July 22
Camp Lor-Ray
5281 Russell Road
Twin Lake, MI 49457

Summer Camp Contacts:
Kids Camp: Ken Nolte

Family Camp: Tim Hansen

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