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District Coordinator
Pastor Bill Monday

Victoria, MN  


Mission Rally 2010

*Registration is now closed*

Mission Rally 2010!!
Who: All Confirmed WELS high school kids and chaperones
When: Aug 2-5, 2010
What: Serving the Lord while having a blast! 
Worship, Bible Study, service projects, fun, games, and so much more!
How Much: ONLY $150 per person!

Mission Rally 2010 FAQS

Why Appleton, WI?
     Why not? It's easy to get to, affordable, and provides lots of fun things to do.  Couple that with the fact that there are dozens of WELS churches within a half hour drive, and you have the perfect recipe for a super fun Mission Rally!!

How Will We Get There?
      However you please.  Car, Van, SUV, Rocket Pack, Bicycle, whatever it takes... JUST please keep in mind we will need to be able to be mobile during the Rally.  So, please don't just get dropped off.  If you have a van, you might be asked to use it to get your group to worksites and to Rally event locations. 

How Many Chaperones Do We Need?
      As many as you feel comfortable with.  There is no required ratio or anything, but the more the merrier!  Chaperones will be very useful on worksites, and if any are skilled workers (carpenters, painters, etc), we can put them to good use.  It is our goal to provide an outstanding experience for young and old, so rest assured even chaperones will love Mission Rally 2010!

Who's Invited?
      YOU!  Any confirmed WELS teenager.  Postcards have been sent all over the Midwest, so this is by no means just a "Minnesota thing".  It's simply hosted by the MN CYD... in Wisconsin... 

How Much Fun Will I Have?
      So much, your face will hurt from smiling so much! 

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