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WELS Commission on Youth Discipleship

WELS Commission on Youth Discipleship

WELS Youth Discipleship exists to encourage and assist congregations and parents as they nurture youth in the Word from birth through high school.

Each synodical district elects/appoints a District Coordinator (DC) to serve under the WELS Commission on Youth Discipleship (CYD).  In the broadest terms, the DC "takes" CYD ministry to his district and also "takes back" to CYD the youth ministry needs, issues, and concerns unique to his district.  The areas of CYD ministry are detalied below.

This Web site makes it possible for all DCs to share district-specific information with the congregations/individuals they serve.  It also enables networking between districts.  Visit your district's individual Web pages often to learn what youth ministry opportunities and activities are being offered through your DC and your District Youth Discipleship Committee. 

Consultation and Resources...

  • Christian Parenting
  • Early Childhood
  • Sunday School and Related Ministry
  • Teen Ministry
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Youth Bible Classes
  • Confirmation
  • Service Learning
National, district, and local training...
  • Presentations by CYD national administrator on various youth and family topics
  • District Sunday school teacher's conferences and youth workers' workshops
  • YME (Youth Ministry Enhnacement) Academy to provide smaller groups of congregations with a more comprehensive opportunity to evaluate and plan youth ministry in their settings (This program under development!)
  • Newsletters - sharing information, ideas, resources, reviews, and networking opportunities
    • Partners for Sunday school staffs
    • REACH! for those in ministry to teens
    • Sowers & Seeds for early childhood ministries
And more...