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Early Childhood
Devotion Books for Younger Children:

"Family -Time Bible in Pictures"
     (by Kennath Taylor)

     *Accurate Bible Stories with simplified language, good pictures, and decent questions to bring the story home to your kids. Probably most helpful for kids 7 and under. (Can be purchased from NPH).

Family Devotion Ideas with Younger Children:  

     One idea would be to pick a meal time that the whole family is together. After the meal have a devotion (maybe use a devotion book like "Family-Time Bible in Pictures"). After reading the devotion ask your child(ren) some age appropriate questions that will help solidify in their mind(s) the main point of this Bible story. Close the devotion with a prayer. Maybe ask your child(ren) if there are specific things, people, etc... they would like to pray for today. Then one of the parents would say a prayer including those specific thoughts and also maybe trying to incorporate the main point of the Bible story lesson you just read. Finally, close that prayer by joining together in the Lord's Prayer together (kids from a very early age can learn prayers - repetition can help this process). This whole process only takes 10 minutes.  

Bed Time Routine with Younger Children:

      One idea would be to sing a song or two (Bible songs they learned at church or a verse from a beloved hymn, etc...). Following the songs, join together in a prayer like the one below that teaches your child(ren) the importance of daily confessing our sins and clinging to Jesus for forgiveness while also asking God to protect them while they sleep.

      "Jesus I am sorry, for all the sins I do. Please take away my sins, and help me
       live for you. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. May 
       angels watch me through the night and keep me safe 'til morning light. Amen."

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